Learning to Meditate

“The object of meditation is to transform oneself, not to have good meditations”

Urgyen Sangharakshita


Introduction to Meditation Course is a 5 week Online course one morning once a week for 2 hours. The course is taught Online using the Zoom online conferencing app. During the Course 3 Meditation practices are taught. There are also workshops on developing an efficient meditation posture, deepening practice, working with distraction and the wandering mind. Between each week students are encouraged to practice at home what they learn each week. Recordings of led meditations are included to support this. 

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After the Course 

Once you’ve completed a meditation course with us, a whole range of events are available to support you in your meditation practice, and to help you to explore how to take it deeper.

For example, every week, we have a drop-in Sangha Morning, where you can meditate with other people and have input on Meditation and Buddhism. We also run Meditation Practice Days, Meditation Retreats and   Introduction to Buddhism Courses.

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Sangha Morning 

In order to benefit from having a meditation practice all you have to do is to keep practicing regularly, preferably every day. This takes commitment, dedication and support. Meditating regularly with other people is a great way to support and sustain your own practice. To help with that we run a regular evening of practice online on a Saturday morning at 11.00 via Zoom. 

Sangha Morning is run on a drop-in basis. There is no need to book or confirm attendance and no need to come every Saturday. 

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