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It’s Not About Being Good

A Practical Guide to Living a Strong, Vibrant, Happy Life

A 5-Week Online Course Exploring the Buddhist Approach to Ethics

In this course we will explore how you can live your life free from the slavery of unhelpful habits, conditioning, and unconscious ways of thinking and behaving. 

Learning how to choose to act in ways that give you a sense of wholeness and self-esteem, because you are honestly trying to live up to the vision of who you are, at your best.

For more details or to Book your place please email: maltabuddhistcentre@gmail.com

Mindfulness in a time of COVID 19

Online 8-Week Mindfulness Course
Starting 7th of October to 25th of November 2021

Most of us experience stress at various times in our lives, but the current pandemic is increasing stress for most people.

Through Mindfulness Meditation, we can learn how to manage stress and anxiety, how to develop the ability to be still and how to regain an appreciation of our lives and ourselves, despite the circumstances.

For further information on Mindfulness please visit: https://maltabuddhistcentre.com/home-4/mindfulness/

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Buddhism is a Path or Way. In other words, it is something we do or practice; a way of living, of interacting with and in the world, a path of growth and development, of Transformation. It is also a spiritual Way that leads eventually to Insight into the true nature of life, to see things as they really are….



 Meditation is a set of skills or a set of tools that you can learn to use to become calmer, friendlier and more positive. Meditating regularly can help you to live a calmer, friendlier life and to reduce stress and to de-stress. To learn how to move away from unhelpful and painful ways of thinking such as anger or fear and to begin to develop your own positive abilities such as fearlessness, compassion and so on…



We mostly go through life on automatic pilot, unaware of what is going on around us. Mindfulness helps us to see more clearly and honestly what is going on in our lives. Most importantly mindfulness helps us to learn how to respond to the circumstances in which we find ourselves in a calm and creative manner….



Welcome to the Malta Buddhist Centre Online. This Online Centre is intended as a peaceful oasis in the middle of a busy and stressful world. We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide movement that seeks to make the traditional teachings and practices of the Buddha available to the modern world. 

However, our classes are open to all. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to participate. Buddhism as we practice it is unique in that you can engage with many of its core practices and gain benefit from doing so without having to be a Buddhist or ‘believe’ in the Buddha in a religious sense. 

Whether you come for a meditation class, mindfulness for health course or want to find out how the Buddhist approach to life can change yours for the better, we’ll be pleased to see you. 

“Awareness is revolutionary”

Urgyen Sangharakshita