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“For the caravan of famished beings

Blundering on the road of existence,

This is a banquet of joy,

Which refreshes completely

All who hunger for happiness”




This is a 5 week in-person Introduction to Meditation Course running on each Friday at 19.30

The course will be taught in Valletta

Meditation is a very effective set of tools to work with stress, in preventing stress and depression, living with serious illness and so on. 

But it is also worthwhile in and of itself, as it leads to positive growth as a human being. 

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Meditation Courses

Introduction to Meditation Course

This is a 5 week Introduction to Meditation Course.

The course is taught ONLINE using the Zoom online conferencing app. During the Course 3 Meditation practices are taught. There are also workshops on developing an efficient meditation posture, deepening practice, working with distraction and the wandering mind.

Between each week students are encouraged to practice at home what they learn each week. Recordings of led meditations are included to support this.

We run these course on a regular basis. Please email to find out when the next course is starting.

After the Course

Once you’ve completed a meditation course with us, a whole range of events are available to support you in your meditation practice, and to help you to explore how to take it deeper.

For example, every week, we have a drop-in Sangha Night, where you can meditate with other people and have input on Meditation and Buddhism. We also run Meditation Practice Days, Meditation Retreats and   Introduction to Buddhism Courses.

Courses in Buddhism

No previous knowledge of Buddhism is necessary, just an interest in and a willingness to explore how things actually are.  These courses are taught ONLINE using the Zoom online conferencing app.

Introduction to Buddhism Courses

This is a 5 week Online Introduction to Buddhism Course.

Buddhism is a path of transformation. Whether one sees it as a philosophical, spiritual or religious path is open to individual interpretation and understanding.

For many people Buddhism is the centre of their spiritual life and its philosophical, ethical and meditative characteristics directly inform the direction and momentum of their experience. This course is an opportunity to explore some of the background to Buddhist thought and ideals.

Buddhism is diverse in its understandings and beliefs. Therefore what you will hear in this course is based in the Triratna Buddhist Community’s understanding of the teachings of the Buddha.  Someone from another tradition would have different emphases and approaches.  However we endeavour to give an overview that is faithful to a broad understanding of Buddhism.

We run these course on a regular basis. Please email to find out when the next course is starting.

Follow-on Buddhism Courses

From time to time we will run Follow-on Buddhism Courses.

The Follow-on Buddhism Courses will take a particular theme from the Buddhist tradition and explore it in some depth.

Topics will include:

Buddhist ethics 

The two forms of ethics we are most used to are Authoritarian (laid down by a god or church) and Conventional ethics (rules that are mainly about conforming to what is normal in a particular culture). 

The Buddhist idea of ethics is takes a different perspective, Buddhist Ethics are about liberating ourselves from the slavery of unhelpful habits, conditioning, and ways of being.

They are about freely choosing to behave in ways that encourage positive emotions, and that calm negative states. They are about acting in ways that give us a sense of wholeness and self-esteem, because we are honestly trying to live up to our vision of what we are at our best. In this 5-week course we will explore the Buddhist understanding of Ethics and how we can live our lives on the basis of bringing about an end to suffering both for ourselves and all living beings. We run these course on a regular basis.

Coming to Terms with Conditionality.

In this 5-week course we will explore Conditionality, this central teaching of Buddhism, and how it produces the repetitive nature of both history and life. 

We live in a world that is Conditioned, a world that is formed, influenced or shaped by Greed, Hatred and Delusion; a world that is, as it were, poisoned by these states of mind.  Life, our own and the world’s, often seems to run in an endless circle; falling into the same situations again and again.

Through this exploration of conditionality, we will see how we can go about rescuing ourselves from this seemingly endless round of success and failure. We run these course on a regular basis.

A Vision of the Nature of Reality

The Wheel of Life – The Bhavacakra is a complex traditional Buddhist illustration of life and comes from the Buddhist tradition several centuries after the time of the Buddha but encapsulates many of the Buddha’s teachings in one complex image. It is said to be a mirror into which we look and see our own life in all its aspects. By exploring this image we can explore the forces, habits, misconceptions, and so on that drive our lives around and around in a seemingly endless round of painful, stressful existence and in the process learn how to escape.

Please email to find out when the next course is starting.

Sangha Morning

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning Community. In particular a community of people connected by a shared practice. A community of likeminded individuals, Sangha is based in friendship especially what we might call spiritual friendship, however you might like to understand the word ‘spiritual’. A fellowship of friends who help and support each other on the journey of discovery, that growing and developing is, essentially.

Not about joining

It’s not about joining something; rather it’s about exploration of the possibilities presented by what the Centre has to offer. We try to make things easily accessible and support people in their exploration of and engagement with Meditation, Mindfulness or Buddhism.

The journey is entirely yours, how you pursue it is up to you.

The pace at which you pursue it is up to you.

Where the journey leads you is up to you.

The Centre, at best, is only a guide; it is up to you to make the effort, to choose the direction, to set your goal.


Sangha Morning will be run on a drop-in basis. There is no need to book or confirm attendance and no need to come every Saturday. Obviously the more often you attend the more benefit you will get but it will be entirely up to each individual to decide when to attend and how long to stay. 

You can come for the whole evening (best option), for the first half only, for the second half only; the decision is yours entirely. You can come every Saturday or every other Saturday or randomly as it fits in with life and work pressures.

For the time being all activities will continue online. As things settle over the coming months, in-person activities will be introduced but even then on-line activities will continue to be included with the in-person activities so that no one will be excluded.

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