Meditation – Frequently Asked Questions

“The object of meditation is to transform oneself, not to have good meditations”

Urgyen Sangharakshita
Do I need to be a Buddhist, or interested in becoming a Buddhist, to join a course? Am I welcome if I follow another religion or am not religious? 

While we introduce Buddhist ideas on these courses there is no expectation that people attending will be or will become Buddhist. All are welcome. 

What benefit will I get from learning to meditate? 

It has been shown that meditation has many practical applications; it is a very effective set of tools to work with stress, in preventing stress and depression, living with serious illness and so on. 

But it is also worthwhile in and of itself, it leads to positive growth as a human being. 

Our courses aim to give people tools to respond creatively, rather than reactively, to the struggles and stresses of everyday life. Our approach is very down-to-earth, we want to help people live well and be a positive presence in the world. 

Will meditation help me to relax? 

Meditation is a means of understanding our minds – the joys and sorrows of life all come through the mind. Meditation helps us relate to this differently, which can help us to relax, and ultimately lead us to freedom. 

Who will be leading the course and what experience do they have? 

The courses are led by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, or those training to join the Order, all of whom have many years of experience in Meditation and Buddhism. 

What if I miss a week? 

We find that people get the most out of the course when there is continuity in the group. It is best not to miss a week as the course builds on each week. If you know that you will miss a week on an upcoming course and are eager to do the course please contact us on email and we will discuss this with you

What happens after I’ve completed the Introductory Courses? What next? 

There are a number of options open to you to support and develop your meditation practice. See the Learning to Meditate Page for details of some of the options. 

Check out our Courses and Events page for other suitable events. 

Any other questions? 

Email us at here

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