“The not doing of anything evil. 

Undertaking to do what is ethically skilful. 

Complete purification of the mind.

This is the teaching of the Buddhas” 

Dhammapada v. 183 
Dharmabytes Podcast

The Essence of Padmasambhava Dharmabytes from free buddhist audio

Prasannavira offers insight into the the essence of Padmasambhava – purity, love, skillful means. With a fearless embracing of experience, taking whatever appears as the Path, facing of inconvenience both personal and external deeper truths, we become the change we’d like to see in the world. From the talk entitled Who Is Padmasambhava? Given for Padmasambhava Day at Cambridge Buddhist Centre, 2017.   *** Subscribe to our Free Buddhist Audio podcast – a full Dharma talk every week! Follow our blog for news and new Dharma FBA on Twitter FBA on Facebook FBA on Soundcloud
  1. The Essence of Padmasambhava
  2. In the Company of Padmasambhava
  3. Long Ago in Ancient India
  4. How does Buddhism speak to us?
  5. Tugging on the Net
  6. The Quest for Freedom
  7. The Ultimate Treasure
FBA Talks Podcast

Not About Being Good – Beyond Guilt Free Buddhist Audio

Buddhist ethics are not about conforming to a set of conventions, not about ‘being good’ in order to gain rewards. Instead, living ethically springs from the awareness that other people are no different from yourself. You can actively develop this awareness, through cultivating love, clarity and contentment, which can ultimately help us to come into greater harmony with all that lives. Arthapriya, a Public Preceptor who lives in Cambridge, takes a personal and Dharmic look at what it means to go beyond guilt. Talk given at Cambridge Buddhist Centre, January 2020. *** Help keep FBA free for everyone! Become a supporter today.  Subscribe to our Dharmabytes podcast – bite-size pieces of Dharma inspiration, two times a week! Follow our blog for news and new Dharma FBA on Twitter FBA on Facebook FBA on Soundcloud  
  1. Not About Being Good – Beyond Guilt
  2. The Monster of Impermanence
  3. The Loveliest Bodhisattvas
  4. Compassion In a Chaotic and Dangerous World
  5. Stirring the Depths
  6. Transcendental Refuge In the Time of Covid-19
  7. The Luminous Mind
  8. Here, Then
  9. Perfecting Generosity, Ethics and Patience
The Buddhist Centre Podcast

410: Buddhist Economics, Part 1 – Pre-Pandemic (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 33) The Buddhist Centre

We’re back with the first episode in a two-part conversation about what Buddhism has to say to 21st C. economics in the wake of populist political tides, globalization and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaddhaka is the author of The Buddha On Wall Street (https://www.windhorsepublications.com/product/the-buddha-on-wall-street-print-ebook/) , a Buddhist critique of Neo-Liberal notions of capitalism. Expect a stirring, provocative discussion around the state of western democracies in relation to economics, and the hope offered by community-led responses to the despair felt by many around the world who feel left behind. How can Buddhism respond to inequality, the need for social justice, poverty and class differences? What does the history of “free-thinking British Socialism” have to tell us today? And how might we move towards an economics of wellbeing? Featured this week The Buddha On Wall Street by Vaddhaka Linn (https://www.windhorsepublications.com/product/the-buddha-on-wall-street-print-ebook/) Listen to a mini-series of podcasts on The Buddha On Wall Street (https://soundcloud.com/thebuddhistcentre/sets/the-buddha-on-wall-street-podcast) Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_Is_Beautiful) by E. F. Schumacher (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._F._Schumacher) . Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism by Anne Case and Angus Deaton (https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691190785/deaths-of-despair-and-the-future-of-capitalism) The economic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Maynard_Keynes) *** Check out our Dharma Toolkit space (https://thebuddhistcentre.com/toolkit) for details of all we have on offer to help you make it through the weirdness and stay inspired. Come meditate with us any week day! (https://thebuddhistcentre.com/stories/toolkit/meditation/) *** Theme music by Ackport! (https://soundcloud.com/rascal-press/06-make-room-for-fun) Used with kind permission. Cover art by Padmacandra, ‘Mankind Owns Four Things At Sea’. #coronavirus #Covid19 #crisis #pandemic #Buddhism #Buddhist #Buddha #Dharma #Triratna #community #sangha #economics #economy #money #democracy #Socialism #NeoLiberalism #wellbeing #kindness #Capitalism
  1. 410: Buddhist Economics, Part 1 – Pre-Pandemic (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 33)
  2. 409: These Are The Moments (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 32)
  3. 408: Alive, Aware, Awake! (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 31)
  4. 407: Into the Dark Wood (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 30)

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