“The not doing of anything evil. 

Undertaking to do what is ethically skilful. 

Complete purification of the mind.

This is the teaching of the Buddhas” 

Dhammapada v. 183 
Dharmabytes Podcast

Unadulterated Consciousness Dharmabytes from free buddhist audio

Dhammadinna explores the various meanings of purity associated with Vajrasattva, including the aspect of innocence as well as authentic, unadulterated consciousness. From the talk entitled Reflections On Vajrasattva – Purity, Confession and Death given as part of the Vajrasattva Festival Day at the London Buddhist Centre, 2010. *** Subscribe to our Free Buddhist Audio podcast – a full Dharma talk every week! Follow our blog for news and new Dharma FBA on Twitter FBA on Facebook FBA on Soundcloud
  1. Unadulterated Consciousness
  2. The Sun that Dwells in Space
  3. Paving the Way
  4. Angulimala and the Buddha
  5. Encountering the Depths
  6. The Light + Love of Amitabha
  7. The Light of Compassion
FBA Talks Podcast

Sitting At the Centre of the Mandala Free Buddhist Audio

Once again at the Centre of the Mandala, we meet Vairocana. How do we balance the teachings of effort and openness? One way is through the image of the Sun and relaxed being, the practice of the Dharma is simply to come back. Yet, of course, this requires effort. Another question is the balance between practical and mythical approaches: Can we hold both at once? What do we give significance to? What do we make real ? Can we open to a world of richer and deeper meaning? Vessantara gave this talk as part of the series The Mandala of the Five Buddhas at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2012 Winter Retreat. *** Help keep FBA free for everyone! Become a supporter today.  Subscribe to our Dharmabytes podcast – bite-size pieces of Dharma inspiration, two times a week! Follow our blog for news and new Dharma FBA on Twitter FBA on Facebook FBA on Soundcloud  
  1. Sitting At the Centre of the Mandala
  2. The Lord of the Midnight Sun
  3. Amitabha
  4. Ratnasambhava
  5. Akshobya
  6. Buddha with a Thousand Faces
  7. Thank God It's Empty!
  8. Touching the Earth with Love
  9. The Revolutionary Power of Love
The Buddhist Centre Podcast

413: In the Footsteps of the Buddha at Rivendell (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 38) The Buddhist Centre

Live from Forest House near Rivendell Retreat Centre in the UK – we're not sure a podcast setting gets any more mythic than that!Our friends Mandarava and Nagasiddhi are running an online Home Retreat for us – with amazing puppets, original artwork for the event, and an abundance of magic images illustrating tales from the life of the Buddha. And you are invited!Register for a space on 'In the Footsteps of the Buddha'Meditation, storytelling, ritual, sharing collective spaces that can hold joy and difficulty – this will be an immersive, interactive space online like no other; a retreat to help keep you inspired at home that you can dip into or dive deep within, whatever your circumstances allow.You can hear just from how these two working artists talk about the  enchantment involved in gathering everyday materials to create objects replete with beauty and meaning that their approach to practice can help, especially through grief and life's sorrows.Join us and come dwell in a forest of imagination with the richly resonant, living images from the Buddha's story. Sit beneath the oldest trees in good company, feeling how close that story is to our own, and how much hope it contains for us all.Show NotesWatch the Brave Little Parrot: A Puppet Show by Mandarava Nagasiddhi's ArtworkAn Evil Cradling by Brian KeenanThe art of Robert RauschenbergThe myth of The Descent of InannaBagpussThe WomblesMister BennThe Clangers**Check out our Dharma Toolkit space for details of all we have on offer to help you make it through the pandemic and stay inspired.Come meditate with us six days a week!***Theme music by Ackport! Used with kind permission.#coronavirus #Covid19 #crisis #pandemic #Buddhism #Buddhist #Buddha #Dharma #Triratna #community #sangha #meditation #mindfulness #psyche #soul #art #puppets #puppetry #myth #symbol #images #Rivendell #LordoftheRings #ritual #Tolkien
  1. 413: In the Footsteps of the Buddha at Rivendell (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 38)
  2. 37: Sources of Inspiration with Paramananda – Atula, Working in the Depths (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 37)
  3. 37: Bringing Online Learning to the Slums of India (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 36)
  4. 412: The Alchemical Heart (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 35)

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