“Peace is a fire. Refined mental states have a fiery, full-blooded even ecstatic quality”

Urgyen Sangharakshita

Here are links to helpful websites on Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness. There is also a section on Suggested Reading on Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness and links to Social Media

The Buddhist Centre Online

 Website for the Triratna Movement as a whole. Contains a wealth of news and information on Triratna practice and activities, our history etc.  More…


 Triratna meditation website bursting with tips and information about practicing plus articles and blogs More…

Clear Vision

Home of the Triratna video and image archives. There is also a large set of resources for education for schools. There are also some helpful videos in the section called ‘Ask a Buddhist’  More…


 Our founder’s personal website with information about him and lots of books to download for free. More…

Going on Retreat 

Information on all Triratna retreat centres in Europe More…


 Triratna policy and procedures on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults More…

Free Buddhist Audio

 The place to find a hundreds of talks and study material on all aspects of Buddhist practice. More…

Windhorse Publications

The publishing arm of the Triratna Community – books for beginners and experienced practitioners alike More…

 Access to Insight 

 Not actually part of our movement but this is an excellent site if you want to explore the historical Buddha’s teachings as passed down in the Pali Canon (in English!) More…

Buddhist Recovery 

A resource to illuminate the Buddhist path to freedom from alcoholism and addiction. More…

Suggested Reading – Meditation

Change your Mind: A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation by Paramananda.

The Breath by Vessantara. Windhorse Publications. 

The Body by Paramananda.

 The Heart by Vessantara. Windhorse Publications. 

Wildmind: a step-by-step guide to meditation by Bodhipaksha.

Suggested Reading – Buddhism

Introducing Buddhism by Chris Pauling. Windhorse Publications. 

A Guide to the Buddhist Path by Sangharakshita. Windhorse Publications. 

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